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Friday, July 11, 2008

of DC and sisters

so my week in DC came to an end yesterday. i am exhausted; i fear that it'll take me minute to catch my breath from that trauma. but i made the most of my time away from Baltimore. i hung out with Pammie, was fortunate enough to be in a hotel that had a functioning kitchen, hit a sight in the city, and even managed a happy hour with my friend Tim (i needed the drink rather badly.) i also laid out by the pool for a few hours.

pammie has a serious sweet tooth. that girl can chow down on candy like no other. not being the one to pay for her dental work, i baked up a batch of brownies for her. i made cupcake brownies actually, and i had some strawberries hanging out so i made one with strawberry filling, just for fun.

i also made spaghetti and meatballs. i didn't go by a recipe tho. i just kinda made it. pammie was all about the meatballs and not so much the noodles.

in terms of activity, other than dragging pam to the Botanic Gardens, i also took her back to baltimore with me so i could make it to my soccer game. poor thing, she wanted to play but her broken wrists were in the way, plus, there is no way i'm letting my baby sister show me up on the field. i already suck, i don't need it to be glaringly obvious.

the ride back home during rush hour traffic on 495 and 95 suuuuucked. i hate Nova/DC traffic like how i hate jaywalkers. just saying.

cars behind me ...

cars in front of me ...

i am working on a few crafty things. i started crocheting a summer hat and i finished one skein of yarn on my basketweave baby blanket for an old high school friend. the hat is for me, heading to Puerto Rico in September and i thought i'd treat myself to one of my creations. i'm not doing such a great job of keeping to the directions so i'm curious to see how it turns out.

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  1. thanks for your comment! it's a lovely, quick meal.

    i'm sorry your week in DC was a bit traumatizing! hope you have a quick recovery!