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Sunday, July 13, 2008

.: Breakfast in Mt. Vernon :.

the roommate and i went to breakfast yesterday. so i took him to my favorite place in Mt. Vernon: City Cafe. i've gone to this place off and on for about six years, once for dinner but usually for breakfast. i personally love it. great cheesy 80's music and the service is usually good. we sat outside to people watch and eventually, to sweat our asses off. whatever, it was nice to just hang out.

i couldn't make up my mind between the cajun omelette or the smoked salmon eggs benedict. the waitress voted for the cajun item so that's what i went for. it was awesome with the right amount of spiciness. i was very pleased.

Samir went with the wild mushroom omelette and unfortunately, it came out rather bland for his liking. poor thing didn't want to chuck it and order something else so he made do with it.

but he liked the restaurant and neighborhood. i regret not giving him more heads up on the great places to eat in baltimore. he was only here for 3 months and that's not enough time to really explore but still. he's hoping to do another rotation later on in the year so hopefully, he'll be able to sample more of baltimore's best then.

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