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Saturday, June 14, 2008

when Life gives you Lemons ...


it was a muggy day today, with the threat of rain and thunderstorm in the air. not quite bbq weather but i had one to attend so i figured i'd bring something summer-y. i went a little ape last week at the market and bought some crazy amounts of lemons. more than was needed for the citrus semifreddo. what to do?

Lemon Cookies and lemonade, of course. the lemonade was simple: 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 6 good sized lemons), 4 cups of water, and simple syrup (3/4 cup of sugar melted in 1 cup of water). for the cookies, i chose a soft recipe but i wanted to add candied ginger and lemon zest. i also didn't use sour cream, i put in yogurt instead.
my poor roommate was on call last night so when he finally woke up at 2, i pounced on him and made him eat two. things like that happen when you live with me.
i hawked the cookies while they were in the oven. my oven sucks, it's old and could probably use a cleaning. the cookies came out divine: lovely light shade of gold, flecked with the zest and the smell! omg. it just smelled fresh and clean. i made the roomie taste a cookie sans ginger pieces. he noted the softness and airy taste. when he started on the 2nd cookie, he said that the ginger didn't overwhelm the cookie, it enhanced it a bit. score!
all in all, a lovely saturday. i baked, i lemonade-d and i bbq'd with some friends.

i even had half a cookie. it wasn't necessarily LEMONY but it had a nice texture: soft and still warm and thankfully, not too sweet. washed it down with lemonade, which was just the right amount of tartness.

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