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Monday, June 16, 2008

.: Weekend Food in Review :.

i ate a lot this weekend. for someone with eating issues as of late, i sure did consume alot of food. saturday, there was a bbq and i had two plates of food. took me basically about the entire time i was there to chew. immediately after, my roommate and i headed on over to Pho #1 for some grub (it got nippy when the sun went down). Sunday, there was Honfest and the plethora of food vendors. about an hour after we got back, jab and i were hungry so we headed over to Kisling's. they had outdoor seating which suited me. but now that i think about it, i wonder if they have a deck? i didn't even venture inside. for me, kisling's always been just another bar in the canton area. and it was fodder for ridicule since i know the co-owner of the place. at least i think he's co-owner. he sure talks like it is. i do like that they have cider on tap tho.

anyway, the waitress was really cute and super nice. jab chose the ribs special and i decided on the mussels and stuffed mushrooms.

jab devoured his ribs. i literally looked down for a second and when i looked up again, he was basically done. the mushrooms were pretty good, i was pleasantly surprised. the mussels, however, hmmmm... i've had better. the seasoning was alright but the dish itself was kinda cold, so the mussels were slightly congealed. (is that possible?) i just won't get the mussels there again.

when i got home that night, my roommate had a hankering for indian food. i was game. we ordered from India Tandoor. i stuck with my usual Chicken Vindaloo, which was really good. Samir chose the Chicken Tikka Masala. it was so rich and creamy, yum-o! he also got Palak Paneer. what i liked best was that none of the dishes were overly spicy, so i was able to actually taste the food and i wasn't busy gulping water. now we have leftovers that'll last us a few days. which works out because i have a busy week ahead with soccer and no time at all to cook properly.

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