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Monday, June 30, 2008


hung out with the Pham cousins this past weekend. while i hate the drive to northern VA, i heart hanging with the Pham-ily. it usually means alot of good food and laughter. i had to work in the area Friday and Saturday so i made a weekend of it.

Friday night, buu made her signature Com Ga that i loooove. something about the ginger and lime in the nuog mam, the rau ram, and vinegar'd cucumbers and onions. or just being around good peeps and talking smack. that works too! :)

Chocolate Souffle

notice her tshirt? yes, she's a craft-alicious hooker too.

on a happier note, i completed a beret. i found a pattern online for a puff stitch. i fixed a few things and added some things to the edge. it's what i do. i made it for Kim who reads my HTML code and helps me with my computer limitations. we also wanted to do a pham-ily portrait. we had to do a Good Housekeeping cover shot ... it amused us.

Saturday night, dinner was at Kim's. as always, going to her place, buu and i had to dress up. as in, play dress up. i wore a vintage ruffled cream dress that buu found at a consignment shop, and she went for a very high waisted culottes and page boy cap. Kim was cute in her hot pink crocheted summer dress. this is what happens in my pham-ily. Kim put together a fabulous dinner spread. filet mignon, spinach gratin, sweet corn, and green beans. i brought over leftover souffle and i made an attempt at Flan for Lan. i messed up the caramel part. it came out well, taste-wise but the presentation just didn't come thru for me. i may have to take a break from the kitchen for a minute.

for dessert, i made a Chocolate Souffle. i did the prep work Thursday night and just popped it in the oven while we were chowing down. i was not a fan of it. it didn't rise as high as i'd like. it came out cake-y for my taste. i also added kahlĂșa and espresso vodka. the cousins liked it tho. i'll have to make a go of it again in my own kitchen.

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