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Sunday, June 15, 2008

.: HonFest: Baltimore's Best :.

in the six years i've lived in Baltimore, i never really ventured out to Hampden. and i should. it's effing cute with the boutiques and small town feel. and every summer there's Honfest. i went for the first time today. and i loved it. think... Hairspray... Crybaby...

the day was hot but the skies were blue with puffy white clouds. picked up jab and we were on our way!

there was live music, as well as many vendors selling their wares.

actually, now that i think about it, it was very much like any other Baltimore festival. same crafts and food vendors. the locals got in the swing of things and dressed it up!

the location was in Hampden, on their main street and the boutiques there! i'll definitely have to make a trek back there to check out all the stores.

shoes and chocolate?! genius!

Lovely Yarn was a pleasant surprise.

i also made it to Red Tree where i bought a bag of fragrant spiced rosehips. the store reminded me alot like all the other contemporary furniture stores that dot the Fells Point area. they had a selection of organic clothes, aprons (that were to DIE for but cost like $50), and random home decor. it was nice to walk around tho.

it was hot as brass balls but women were wearing such big hair or wigs! props to them.

a strawberry smoothie kept the heat at bay.

i was tempted to try the crawfish but the whole peeling and picking at the meat in the heat was just not appealing.

overall, i'm glad i went, i can actually say i've been to HonFest but i highly doubt i'd go again.


  1. shoes AND chocolate??!! i'm speechless.

  2. shoes AND chocolate??!! i'm speechless.