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Sunday, June 22, 2008

.: Green Weekend :.

i decided to park my car friday and not touch it all weekend. i figured i'd walk or bus it everywhere.

started out friday night. met up with jab and some friends for some happy hour on water street. the trek took me about oh... 30 minutes? mapquest says it's 1.6 miles but there is no way it's THAT far. Water Street is where there's outdoor gambling. it's only a summertime treat. proceeds go to charity. i am not a fan of gambling but it's always nice to have a drink outside.

yesterday morning, i hopped the MTA bus, bought a day pass and i was on the go. first coffee with fellow broad christa then off to lunch on 29th street with two other broads Pam and Shannon. i had an hour till noon so i mosied along on Charles St. if a #3 bus came along, cool but if not, i could hoof it. i played with my camera along the way and basically looked like a tourist in my own home city. cute.

just outside Penn Station on Charles St.

lunch was at a really retro diner called Paper Moon Diner. they had an herb garden in the back. the structure itself was painted brightly, rather obnoxiously but it was still very charming. i felt it had a very over the top decor of pez dispenses, toys glued to the walls and ceilings, doll heads, metal lunch boxes etc. plus, there were rules. with that regard, it just felt very un-customer service-y. but whatever. now that i think about it, i feel like they tried too hard to be... cool?

tub full of basil. the one thing i liked for sure.

their menus were actually old school hard covers. real cute but i shudder to think what they did the books/pages inside.

i ordered a David's Favorite Omelette of smoked salmon, black olives and cream cheese. it was heavy on the olives but not so much on the salmon. i'd like to go back tho, to try maybe something else.

after lunch, we headed off to the craft show. it's a local thing and i was so excited to check out the the crafts. i liked it, it was a great way to meet local crafters, as well as see what they charge for their creations. some of them are really expensive and i question if it's worth it. but i don't know the material/supplies they used or how long it took them to create these items. i think it'd be fun to participate one day.

the bus rides home (i had to catch 2 busses) wasn't too bad. i don't know if the city has more busses running or my timing was good, but for the most part, i was home by 3:30pm and i'd done all that! i'll post more about the rest of the weekend later.

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  1. Yay! Go Green! Catching the bus is fun when you don't HAVE to, and it's nice when someone who doesn't have to does. Liking the bathtub herb pic!