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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dragon Fruit

after my soccer game last night, i stopped over to the Asian market to pick up some much needed produce. while perusing the bittermelon selection, a bright reddish-pink fruit caught my eye: the Pitaya. i love this expensive fruit. i don't know the first thing about choosing the right one, based on color, squishiness, smell or feel. i just picked up the one that was most pleasing to my eye.

when i got home, my roommate was still feeling in the pits but he helped me with setting up picture shots, holding props and lighting. this is also what happens when you live with me.

i was pretty clueless with how to cut the fruit. lengthwise? in cubes? in slices? what? i couldn't for the life of me remember how my mom cut it. so i winged it.

i also told him that eating the fruit will make him feel better and cure him of whatever is ailing him. i said that the dragon fruit was in the kiwi family. Mind you, i didn't know how to choose the right one, or cut it, there was no way i knew such things about the dragon fruit. thankfully, when i googled it this morning, it did say that the fruit is high in fiber and vitamin C.

Edited to add:

i realized that i neglected to include how it tasted. it wasn't exactly sweet, it wasn't exactly sour... it just ... was. it has a watery texture to it, very similar to a watermelon. the closest i can come to describing the taste is to compare it to a kiwi sans the tartness and kinda stringy-ness that kiwis sometimes have. i'm gonna have to eat some more of it to describe the taste better.

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  1. dragon fruit is such a treat. Have you seen coconut lime's dragonfruit sorbet? It looks yummy.

    I've tagged you for a meme!