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Monday, June 9, 2008

baby set for an old friend

sigh. i FINALLY finished the baby gift for my friend Arman and his wife Hadeel. Arman and i went to school together in Ethiopia, i was a gangly 8th grader and Arman was a year older. thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, we've been in touch for awhile. he and his beautiful wife are expecting their first bundle of joy in July and are naming her Omnia. i chose sunshine yellow, not only for the cheerful hue but because it is the color of the season. i crocheted a blanket, lacy summer hat, and headband. i added flowers to the items to feminize it, and to also make use of all the flowers i've been crazy about and so therefore making out the ass.


  1. That's so nice of you to make things for your friend's baby. Hungry Bear is 9 months behind on her baby gift for her friend. She has been knitting a blanket for the longest time. We'll see if she finishes up before the kid turns one. LOL!

  2. thanks chuck! it usually takes me a while to complete a blanket so i've been looking for other alternative baby items to crochet, booties and bonnets seem to be the easiest and fastest.

    it's always the thought that counts anyway! :)

  3. so talented....i love the flowers, lovely lovely lovely!

  4. so talented....i love the flowers, lovely lovely lovely!