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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thịt Kho

i know i swore i wasn't going to cook anything worthy of blogging until i finished something crafty. i have some stuff just about done, but they're gifts and i can't blog about them until the recipient receives them. as a result, i'm eating. a lot. all i think about is food. what i can make to basically take pretty pix of before i consume.

today i had a massive craving for asian food. see what happens when you go on strike from asian food? but more specifically, VIETNAMESE food. down home Vietnamese cooking. dishes you don't see in restaurants or in cookbooks. recipes that are whispered in your ear by your mom, whose own mom whispered in her ear the same ingrediants. ok, now i'm being dramatic but i'm watching the Andromeda Strain and it's freaking me out.

anyway, i found the recipe for thịt kho from two of my fave bloggers: Wandering Chopsticks and Gastronomy. i must've been high on crack or some sort of distracted because there were hardly ANY options when i googled for the recipe this morning but just now, when i googled it again, a ba-jillion popped up! wtf? but the recipezaar does have the nutrition facts.

what i've learned today in making this dish:

  • i need a proper knife set. my current set sucks.
  • handling raw pork is not so bad.
  • i hate prep work, i would suck on Hell's Kitchen
  • the dish turned out well but mom's and grandma's version tastes sooooo much better.

still tho, i'm learning and i'm sure with more practice (and hopefully a willing guinea pig out of jab...), i'll get better at it. for tonight's version, i added tofu because when i last had it in japan, bio-mom had it in her thịt kho and i dug it. it was the one dish she made all week that i liked. my meal would've been complete with some pickled veggie of some sort but i don't get stuff like that here in baltimore. so i made do with just lettuce to even out the salty-sweet.


  1. I checked out the links to the recipe for this and it sounds so good. I might have to try to make it someday if I can find a can of coconut juice...

  2. Hey Lan! I'm glad the recipe worked out for you. Tofu with thit kho sounds wonderful!! Btw - my new blog address is

  3. Trish --
    you can coconut juice quite easily nowadays, i see them in the ethnic/international food aisle in grocery stores now. let me know how yours turn out!

    Cathy --
    thanks for stopping by. i've made note of your new addy!