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Sunday, May 18, 2008

.: off the Asian Food Strike :.

started last week. i had some fast food chinese food with jab. then last night, before heading out for some dancing, i went with some friends to dinner at japanese restaurant called Nooshi. i totally forgot to take pix but it was pretty good. we ordered an assortment of rolls, and two entrees: Shaky Beef and Honey Peanut Chicken to share.

then today when buu and i woke up with slight headaches and sore feet, we made our way to the Eden Center in Seven Corners, VA for some lunch and much needed Vietnamese groceries. there are so many tiny restaurants to choose from and we never know what the names of these establishments are. i just know that i'd been to this place before and it was alright. the Pho is greasy, per kim so i chose Bún Bò Huế, i figured it'd help take away the headache and quesy feeling in my tummy, as well as warm me up since it was slightly drizzly and windy out. definitely did the trick. plus, the cà phê sữa đá was strong and helped wake me up a bit.

after the yummy lunch, we headed off on the hunt for a rice paddy hat and groceries. alas, my search for the elusive hat was futile. one would think that in an entire shopping center i'd find the blasted thing. i did pick up my much needed soy sauce and fish sauce so i guess my trip wasn't a total waste. Big K will have to be diligent with her SPF until i can find a hat for her.

i also was able to pick up a week's worth of random Vietnamese dishes, like bánh cuốn and bánh uot. i'm pretty much set for the week with regards to dinner and lunch. sweet.

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