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Sunday, May 11, 2008

it's raining in baltimore, baby...

it didn't rain much in April so i guess May is paying for it. i hope that means that there'll be plenty of flowers to look at in June. i brought out my crock pot this morning, something i thought i wasn't going to have to do till sometime in the late Fall. it's ok, i've been craving chicken curry so i put all the ingrediants in the pot and promptly forgot about it. well not really because now my place is warm and cozy and nice smelling.

this weekend was another quiet one, jab being out of town and me being lazy to do anything. i even skipped a night out with the broads friday night in favor of ... yeah... crocheting ... that's basically all i did this weekend. that and watching NCIS. i've decided that yes, i like the show but i like Mark Harmon much more. i managed to clean out the loft room tho, throwing away some empty boxes and basically fantasizing about how i'm going to turn this space into a proper craft room, complete with a table, shelves and seating area.

i completed two gift sets. one of the girls in my office is expecting her first baby, a boy, and we're throwing her a little baby shower this week. i decided to forego the baby blankie, and instead went for the summer hat and booties route. i found a cute but easy bootie pattern. it only took me a few hours to complete a pair. i don't know how fast babies grow but i'm guessing by the end of summer, the baby will not be wearing these booties but that's ok. the tininess lends to the cuteness!

the second gift set is for jab's sister and nephew. he's visiting them in a few days and Cole is now about 4 months old. again, i'm on a major hat kick and i made them a mama-son summer hat set. for her, i used the same summer hat pattern as always but i added more texture to the body. for Cole, i changed the brim to be a tad bit more boyish, like a fisherman's brim. i have just one more baby gift set to do, that baby isn't due til early July. i'm slightly baby'd out so i'm going to focus on a few cooking projects and a frogger hat thing i'd like to dig into. once i get myself into a proper sewing class, i'll hopefully be able to add to my crafting skills. so until then, i'll make do with hand stitching stuff. speaking of which, i received my first "order" for a sock/glove animal. i think i'll start on that tonight!

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  1. Lan- Your hats look awesome!! I love the fact that you change them so much to fit what you need.