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Friday, May 2, 2008

finally! crafts are back...

i've been just so worn down this week, for some reason. tired and listless. however, i have some personal deadlines for crocheted presents so i've been walking around with my craft bag and crocheting pretty much every and anywhere i can. i finally finished a baby set. it's for a june baby so it's a light blanket and a summer hat. i also threw in a sock/glove stuffed animal into the mix. for the blanket, i used 3 skeins of green/white Sugar 'n Cream cotton in a double crochet stitch. the yarn isn't exactly stretchy but i really liked the color combo. plus, it's lightweight for the summer time. my biggest problem was the hat. i wanted a summer hat but all the patterns i found were geared towards girls and since it's for a boy, i had to use my imagination. (plus, i have no idea how big a baby's head is!) as a result, i spent some time looking for non-girly brims. i really wanted a kinda like a fisherman's brim. i ended up just using part of one pattern and then probably two different patterns for the brim. whatevs, i enjoyed myself. the sock/glove stuffed animal is supposed to be a dog. my stitching isn't the best. i've since made three other animals and i'd like to think i've improved some. the end result, it can either be a fox or red rover?

the main project i gave myself last night was to make the baby card and my sister's birthday card. i tried watercoloring this time around. i only finished two cards but i did a number of random pictures too, to practice. i may give watercoloring a go again, for summer cards or i'll find a reason! at Michael's last night, it was confusing. there were watercolors for kids and watercolors for adults. the price difference is ridiculous! for kids, it was only about $5 but for adults, oh... $30 was the cheapest. um. i obviously went for the kids' price because i wasn't sure if i was going to even enjoy it. plus, picasso i am not and i really can't tell the difference between the products (altho, i'm sure there is one!)

oddly enough, my evening of just crafting (sans cable or internet) relaxed me. i finally felt balanced, feeling this way for the first time since i returned home from overseas. i enjoy cooking but i like dealing with my yarn and hook more, and looking for other creative projects to work on. i do have a few more crocheted projects in the works and i will get into a sewing class somehow, soon!

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