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Sunday, May 18, 2008

.: A Dance in the Park :.

a night out in DC is a rare occasion for me. i just don't like the crowd or the uppity nature of clubs. however, when buu told me about this new club she'd gone to and how elite it was, i had to go. my coworker from Seattle was in town for a training and was going to be in DC for the weekend and could hang, i figured why not?

after dinner, we made our way to the Park. we were pretty early, buu wanted to ensure we made it in before the hoopla of the incoming crowd and also, we wanted a good spot to watch people trying to get in to the club. there are four levels, each with a dj spinning different kinds of music. my fave floor was the 2nd floor. old school 80s and 90s jams mixed in with some fresh beats and maybe a few songs from today. they played a handful of Madonna tracks (INTO THE GROOVE! umm... hello?! best song ever!)and i was hooked. their staff? hot. all dressed very professionally in full suits and the Bodyguard/Secret Service type of communication ear plugs and sleeve microphones. slightly intimidating if it weren't for the fact that i thought it was all hilarious and pretentious.

we managed to do a round of shots... eva and mike were hard core and went for tequila shots while buu and i went for the redheaded sluts.

for me, after a few drinks, i'm prone to dance and actually am nice to people. buu is always nice and crazy so nothing changes when she drinks.

overall, it was a good night. good company, good music. it got really packed toward midnight, almost obnoxiously so. for such an "elite" club, they sure did let the most random people in. i saw people with just raggedly tshirts and jeans on. i figured the way that buu had explained it to me, it would be like Studio 54 and the girl with the microphone would be all choosy about who she'd let in. but rather, there was no girl but a few men in suits acting official but for the most part, really nice. i even saw them turn a couple away because the guy was dressed real casual but then they walked five paces away and the guy must've taken pity on them and called them back to let them in. wtf? i wanted indignant denial! embarassing tantrums. i was let down. i even dressed up for the night. and when i say dress up, i mean i put on a new tank, jeans and slapped on some makeup. whatever, i had a good time and i'd even venture out that ways again.

a few pix courtesy of Spy On DC.

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