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Friday, April 18, 2008

baker baker, baking a cake ... make me a day, make me whole again ...

after a rocky start to my week, i decided to get off my ass yesterday and get my creative juices flowing again. i didn't hit the sack till much later than normal but i definitely felt like myself again.

i bought a bag of gala apples at Wegmans and they weren't as crisp as i like them to be so i decided to cook them. my first dish was Apple Creme Brulee. i didn't follow the recipe exactly but i think it came out ok. the custard is heavier, i think and i don't have a blow torch to make the crisp sugar top but whatevs. i think i'll try this again sometime in the fall.

the next dish was a bit more ambitious. ever since i came across this blog some time ago i knew that i wanted to give it a go. the recipe says to use Granny Smiths but i didn't. again, i didn't follow everything the recipe called for, like the flour and syrup, and i couldn't find any mini pie crusts so i used loose dough and just built them on muffin tins.

i liked how the recipe didn't get all spazzy with exact measurements so i just used my judgement. i made the first rose and it turned out really nice. however, the gala apples were on the smaller side and i was running out of the bigger slices to make the petals AND i was getting tired. World's Deadliest Catch was on. so for the rest, i just dumped them all in and they became just mini apple pies.

i brought my creations to work today, for the office and visiting developers to enjoy. i felt so bad that my Monday orientation was all store bought stuff and nothing Angry Asian.

a more decadent breakfast than usual but it was well worth it. btw, the title of this post is actually a lyric from Tori Amos' song Baker Baker from her album Under the Pink.

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  1. scrumptious. i'm requesting these when i visit this summer!