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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bachelorette/Lingerie Party

i swear it is not my intention to turn this blog into a foodie based one, but i have been quite anamoured with prepping food lately. don't fret, i still have a few crochet and sewing projects to complete.

so my friend from college Cory is getting married soon and she decided to have her bachelorette party in DC this weekend. basically, 10 girls from the Roanoke and Richmond areas trekked it up to our nation's capital Friday to live it up. i met up with them saturday afternoon for the lingerie party. naturally, i brought a few snacks to munch on while the bride-to-be opened presents and we basically just gabbed the afternoon away.

i wanted to make a simple crostini treat, to soak up the alcohol i was sure the girls would be consuming that night. the recipe called for sundried tomatoes and goat cheese. however, the grocery store i went to didn't have sundried tomatoes or goat cheese. i wasn't about to go searching for the ingrediants friday night so i made the executive decision to buy just herbed garlic cheese and roasted red peppers. the concoction turned out well so basically, i rock.
the original version of the recipe can be found here but like i said, i used jarred roasted red peppers instead, a simple herbed cheese dip. i also did not follow the exact measurements (do i ever?).

the second dish i made was more for the sweet tooth. i decided to make Almond and Chocolate Clusters. i'll be honest, simple ingrediants and directions but still a pain in the ass to make. i don't have mini-muffin tins, just regular size so they came out bigger in circumference but flatter. also, be sure to spray the pans heavily beforehand! they were chewy and not so much crunchy. giada probably had a special sound technician handy when she bit into hers to make it sound extra crunchy. i'm jealous.

my duty for the weekend was to shop for a ... ahem... exotic entertainer. i actually called up the place and said "i'd like to place an order for a ... stripper..." it turned out to be hilarious. Cory was surprised, there was so much laughter and squealing. i'm glad i chose Brad because he was a complete gentleman. included a few pix of some of the fun we had!

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