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Thursday, March 27, 2008

.: Where is Lan? Part iii :.

this was taken at the back entrance of the US Embassy. people were milling around waiting admittance to the VISA office. it warms me to know that they all feel how i felt when i went to their consulate office to apply for my vistor's VISA. except, i filled out the forms correctly and my process was much speedier than theirs.

*** also, for those of you who know who my mom is, can you find her? ***


  1. ok, you are either at the phone booth looking thing or you're looking towards us by the man in the khaki colored jacket.
    and it looks like your mom is right in front with her hair up looking towards you....wondering why her daughter has friends who enjoy these 'tarded games!

  2. I C U? Behind the old lady in the red scarf?