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Monday, March 10, 2008

Crafty Weekend ...

it cracks me up to think that i used to find ways to be OUT of the house when i was a kid. any reason at all to be with friends and NOT at home. now, it takes a lot to get me to leave my house. summers are hit or miss for me but when it's cold out, you'll usually find me in my jammies in my living room, either reading or watching tv and doing some crafty thing. this past weekend was no exception. Friday night, i did make it out to happy hour with my friend Shawn but i was home by 8. Shawn had gotten me a great crafty book, (as well as the 3rd installment of my girl Madonna's kids book The New Girl!) Sock and Glove and i wanted to get cracking. So my Friday evening was spent sewing, something i hadn't done since 7th grade home ec. Saturday and Sunday, i sped crocheted. JAB's sister had a baby boy in late January, Cole, and he's visiting them on Wednesday. i wanted to finish up the baby blanket i had been working on for a few weeks. So, for baby Cole, i completed my first proper Lil' Rice Cake baby package. Since he was born late January 2008, he's considered to be in the Year of the Pig, so for my first sock/glove project, i made a pink pig.

For the blanket, i used 3 skeins of pale yellow/vanilla baby soft yarn. i crocheted in half double stitch. for the border, i used a pale blue baby soft yarn in double stitch. naturally, i believe in flubbing, and if you look real closely, towards the end of the blanket, i lost a few stitches at the end so i had to make up in the last few lines. it's slightly uneven but whatevs.

For the pig, i used a pair of hot pink fleece gloves. Walmart is having a huge sale on winter items so i did go a little ape on the gloves but they're mostly boring reds, blues and blacks. no patterned ones. i may have to order those online now that most stores are selling Spring and Summer stuff.

it took me about 4 hours to complete the pig, mainly because i was watching tv, eating and reading and then re-reading the directions. i only had a pair of pink gloves, i didn't want to eff up. overall, i accomplished alot that night: i watched two movies (
Invincible and The Lover), cleaned, tried a new chinese delivery service (i won't be ordering from them again, bunch of bamas!) and sewed a mini-stuffed animal.

the finished product:

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