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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crafty Bastards of the World Unite!

With the exception of going to soccer on Saturday afternoon, i did not leave my home all weekend. it was a perfect weekend for some craft projects before my vacation. my goal: to be a dork and create cards, bake, cook, sew and crochet. goal accomplished! :)


i made Easter/Spring cards. i made a flower stem stencil template and sponged the paint on. for the flower petals, i used bright buttons or cutouts left over from my scrapbooking projects. my "personal" note varied from a fantastic artist/storyteller
Brian Andreas.

i continued working on a stuffed horse that i had started the night before while watching my saturday morning foodtv lineup. i also did the prep work for the irish dinner i wanted to put together for buu, who was visiting for the evening. on the menu:
Shepherd's Pie (i only made the glazed carrot layer, no turnips) and Oatmeal Soda Bread. baker i am not, but the pie turned out yummy.

meanwhile, buu finished up on a bib before starting on an apron for me. i chose my fabric. of course, i wanted something sunny and springy. i chose yellow (go figure, right?) and also for the trim, a really pretty flower pattern. the apron turned out so pretty that we decided that there is no way i could get it dirty in the kitchen, i'd have to dry clean it!

she's my fave sweat shop worker ...

i completed the horse:

the body came out on the longer side ...

... and one of the legs is gimpy but the flubstuff amuses me ...

i hosted a knitting/crocheting playdate for the afternoon. just a small group of girls, yarn and talking. i learned how to crochet in the round and made a flower. now i just gotta figure out how to make the petals thicker. i hate reading the directions due to the abbreviations, so i just look at the pic and try to figure it out.

Noelle, Sarah and Kristen knitting... kinda sorta like a sweat shop line of knitters ... Noelle started on a bookmark, Sarah was working on a scarf and Kristen took up the knitting needles for the first time, aiming to make a hot pot coaster...

eve was the one who taught me how to crochet ...

i may make a go at soda bread again tonight, since i have a new hire orientation in the morning. or i'll work on a new stuffed animal or the baby blanket ...


  1. i adore the stuffed animals, your new apron, but can't take my eyes off of the PINK OVEN MITT!!! jealous!

  2. i adore the stuffed animals, your new apron, but can't take my eyes off of the PINK OVEN MITT!!! jealous!