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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

mixed virtual CD of EMOTION

one of my friends is kinda sorta going thru a thing right now. one of those love things. the kind that kicks you in the gut and leaves you crippled sitting at your desk, eatting bonbons and clicking refresh on your computer to see if the person you're stalking on myspace has changed their mood type of love thing. the emotions range anywhere from feeling bereft, sad, lonely, angry, empty, angry again that teeters towards really, really pissed, hate, back to love and then acceptance. so i made a playlist of songs i thought captured some of the raw emotions. rock on. or be sad. you know. whatever. the songs aren't in any kind of order, altho if i were really a dj, i'd put them in proper order to make sense of the timetable of LOVE HEALING. but that's too emo for me.

for some reason Project Playlist is being asshole-y-ish so i will just list the songs:
Sugarland - Stay
Matt Nathanson - Come On Get Higher
John Butler Trio - What You Want
Kelly Sweet - We are One
Maria Taylor - Clean Getaway
Kendall Payne - Scratch
Keith Urban - You'll Think of Me
Dave Matthews Band - Idea of YOu
Mindy Smith - One Moment More
Pink Floyd - Lost For Words
Matthew Perryman Jones - Refuge
Skye Edwards (Morcheeba) - Love Show
Kath Walsh - Your Song
Coldplay - Warning Sign
Taylor Swift - Cold as You
India.Arie - The Heart of the Matter
Natasha Bedingfield - Soulmate

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