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Friday, February 22, 2008

mama-son scarf set

my coworker donna is going thru a really rough time right now. my heart really goes out to her so i spent a saturday a few weeks ago crocheting a scarf for her and her son. i had just learned crocheting the week before and i was anxious to kinda sorta practice and create at the same time. i was concerned because the weather had been so warm and that maybe winter had passed us by. i don't know why i was worrying so because it's now cold as brass balls out, with march just around the corner! god bless, with the way it's been lately, we'll never see spring!

anyway, donna's son Jacob is 5. i decided to go blue with a green trim for his scarf. the blue stitch is a double stitch (i did 3 rows) while the green trim is a half double stitch. i fear that i didn't think about his size so it may be too thick for his neck, i should've gone with single stitch for the trim.

for donna's scarf, i went with green with a blue trim. the green part was 3 rows of triple stitch, and the blue trim was again, half double stitch.

i hope they like the set. i'll ask them to pose with the scarves on and post those pix later.

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