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Friday, February 22, 2008

heart day cards

when i was a kid, i lived with my grandparents. they were very good to me, i never lacked for anything: food, clothing, love. the cultural differences were minimal as i lived in an immigrant rich neighborhood. when special occasions or holidays arose at school, such as Thanksgiving or Easter, it would be up to me to "teach" my grandparents about the tradition and what to expect. Valentine's Day is not so much a national holiday but it certainly holds its own weight against the other holidays. normally, there'd be an ice cream social, or exchanging of cards. back in those days, it was a big deal. we would decorate our desks, have brown bags with hearts and cutouts for our classmates and friends to drop their cards in. i remember quite vividly one year when i did not have cards to give to my classmates. explaining to my grandparents why they needed to shell out money for fancy vday cards did not go over well. i showed up for school that day empty handed. i was so embarrassed. my teacher, Ms. Sabatini, bless her heart, gave me hers to hand out. i must've gone home crying to my uncle because the years after, up until i started living with my own parents and vday card exchanges ceased to be important, my Uncle Nick would take me to People's Drug (back when CVS had another name!) and he'd buy me a packet of vday cards. now that i'm older, i still send out cards to my friends for Valentine's Day. not 30 like back then but maybe a handful here and there, to some random folk i don't get to talk to often, but always to my dearest and closest girls. this year, i decided to make them. i only made about a maybe 6 or 7 of them but it was a lot of fun.

i'll definitely be making Easter/Spring cards soon!