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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

6 month long knitted scarf ...

i knitted Kelcy this scarf last year. i started it almost exactly last year. i put it down for about four months and when i had a trip down to Charlotte in late August i decided to pick it back up. i think i hard core knitted for about two weeks. it's just a basic purl and knit pattern, alternating every two stitches. at the ends, i did 12 lines of knit and purl, but alternating lines. gave it a little more texture. i'm not much of a counter, despite my ethnicity, and when i initially started, i had counted out 48 stitches per line but crackhead me, when i picked it back up, i FORGOT and swore it was supposed to be 50! so if you look real closely, you can see where i flubbed. to add to the flubbery, i gave Kelcy the scarf in the heat of summer. i do things like that sometimes.

Kelcy: i like to unwind with a white russian and a cozy warm scarf on those chilly nights. cheers!

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